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Do Your Research!


It's always important to research a company before going on a job interview.  Keep reading for tips on how to get started

1. Start with the job description
The organization will expect you to have read through the job specification before you apply, let alone before the interview.
What are the recruiters really looking for? How do your skills and experience match up to that?
2. Use the Internet
Go to the organization’s website and read up on it. Browse news sites and social networks – for other mentions of the company. What is it known for? What is its reputation? Where is it heading?
3. Connect through LinkedIn
Check your own connections and shared connections for greater access to people. Use LinkedIn’s introductions function to ask a connection for an introduction to one of their connections at the organization.
4. Ask us!
If you found the job vacancy through Career Quest, ask someone in career services what they know about the company.


“If it’s something you have a passion for, you have to follow your heart.”


“When the Career Quest interns come to my office, they are very well prepared clinically for the technical work that we want them to do."