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The Best Mobile Apps for Your Job Search

Mobile Apps for Job Search
Wondering how to job hunt more effectively? Try using the latest job search apps. Searching for a job is a stressful process. Between filling out applications, writing cover letters, landing interviews, making the right impression during those interviews and the simple uncertainty of not knowing where you’re going to work next, it can all be a little overwhelming. To help you on your hunt, we’ve listed a few of the best job search apps we could find.
1) Job Search by
Fitting that one of the best job search apps is actually called Job Search, isn’t it? In addition to having an incredibly practical name, this app pulls from the same databases as Indeed’s main site, which offers thousands of listings from job boards and company websites. It also allows you to save or email your favorite job postings and remembers your recent searches to help make your next visit more efficient. Oh, it’s also free and currently available on both iTunes and Google Play.
2) Jibber Jobber
Staying organized during your job hunt can be almost as challenging as landing a job. This little app makes it easier. Jibber Jobber helps you keep track of everything: where you’ve applied, who the contact person was, the status of your application (when you wrote your cover letter, when you interviewed, when you sent your thank you letter, etc.). It also allows you to keep track of networking relationships and associates them with companies you’ve targeted as desirable places to work. It’s pretty handy to say the least.  
3) SnapDat
This app combines the old school and the new, and is especially effective for entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners. SnapDat lets you create and send digital business cards from your iPhone to a new contact’s email. This free app makes putting your card in peoples’ hands easier than ever before. 
4) Jobs by Career Builder
This app works the same way Career Builder’s website does, allowing you to find and apply for jobs online, right from your phone. It’s simple, easy to use and perfect for people on the move. Jobs by Career Builder is currently available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and through Google Play.


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