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Appreciation Days a huge success, but we celebrate our students every day

The Career Quest Learning Centers Student Appreciation Days held in June were a great success. Each campus put their unique spin on how to say thank you to the students who make Career Quest Learning Centers the vibrant community it is. At the Lansing campus, more than 200 people attended a June 10th barbeque and enjoyed hot dogs, potato and pasta salads, coleslaw, sweet treats and more. 
A highlight of the event was the bullhorn announcement of the awards for perfect attendance and the Director’s List and President’s list. Students who are able to earn a GPA of 90 – 94 percent are placed on the Director’s List and students who receive 95 percent or higher are named to the President’s List. 
“This program is tough – it’s accelerated and there is a lot of information,” said Lansing campus President Melissa J. Soderberg. “We want our students to celebrate their success and we’re proud to join them in that celebration.”
According to Melissa, the students were certainly in a celebrating mood, cheering loudly for each of the winners as their names were announced.
“I believe it is important that we do events like this for our students because they work really hard for the short time they are here,” said Melissa. “It is so important that we recognize our students for striving to do their best every day.”
On the Jackson campus, students were encouraged to bring a friend to school on June 5th and then students, friends and family were treated to a pizza party.
“We like to open up our campus so the parents, children and spouses of our students,” said campus President Amber Deel. “It helps them to understand all the hard work the students are doing and to be more supportive.”
Amber also said that it’s great when family and friends are present as students receive their awards.
At Career Quest Learning Centers, we appreciate our students every day because we know they can accomplish great things in the classroom and in their careers. If you’re interested in career training taught by faculty who really care, check out our programs in healthcare, information technology and business.


“This program is good because it’s daily, it doesn’t give you time for slack. There is also lots of hands-on help, you’re not just left to do it all on your own. I was in college before and it just didn’t work out. Career Quest worked for me.”


“I am a completely different person than when I started my program. I have so much more confidence now. I really think I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Before I started here, I wasn’t very happy with my life. Now I’m smiling all the time.”