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About Our Online Career Training Programs

New Horizons. Real Careers. Next-Level Improvements.

Since 1995, Career Quest Learning Centers has provided ambitious students with new opportunities in career education.

What exactly do we mean when we say, “career education”? We’re talking about learning that goes far beyond textbooks. We’re talking about people and professional skills geared for real-world success.

As an accredited college, our three campuses provide adult-focused learning for individuals ready for a rewarding career change or who just want to get started for the first time. Just check out our Jackson, Lansing, and Mt. Pleasant campuses to begin!

Preparing You for Life Beyond the Classroom

Success doesn’t end when your classes do. Our dedicated instructors realize that your education extends into job searches and workplace navigation, too.

As you approach graduation, our Career Services department will help you put together a resumé and portfolio. They’ll provide interview coaching as well. You’ll also have access to free tutoring to help you prepare for certifications that are highly valued by employers.

This well-rounded learning approach ensures that you learn more than just the factual knowledge of your desired field. You can learn all the right social skills, too.

Learn by Doing: A Hands-On Approach

The Career Quest learning experience is hands-on. Students in every program practice with tools and technologies required in real-world applications. Our experienced instructors bring their skills to the process and genuinely enjoy sharing their knowledge.

Our goal is to get you certified and successfully place you in the job market. To do that quickly and effectively, you may require more individualized attention. With our small class sizes of 25 students or less, we’re more than happy to provide it.

Supporting Students in the Workplace

Applying the new skills you’ve learned is one of the most important aspects of your professional journey. Even after you’ve graduated, we want to help you excel in your new workplace.

If you’re having trouble performing certain aspects of your new role, we’ll provide additional training for up to two years post-graduation—all for free! Our commitment to retraining ensures you have extra peace of mind as you make the transition into your new career.

Aiding in Your Enrollment

To put it simply, our team—from classroom instructors to admissions staff and beyond—is prepared to assist you every step of the way. We won’t just help you during and after your time here; we want to help you with your enrollment, too. Many of our students have families and bills to pay, which means they sometimes need a little assistance financially. In addition to offering federal and state assistance, grants, and more, we also offer a number of discount programs to those who qualify. Veterans, Active Duty service members, dislocated workers, and so many more individuals can qualify for discounts at our accredited college!

Every Great Quest Begins with a Single Step

At Career Quest Learning Centers, we know that small steps can lead to big changes. If you’ve been considering a career change but aren’t sure where to begin, it’s as simple as getting in contact with our team. Contact us for more information about our Lansing, Jackson, and Mt. Pleasant campuses!