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Blended Learning

Effective Learning: Online & In-Person Classes

Are you ready to change course professionally? Career Quest Learning Centers is an adult college alternative, designed to help working people like you quickly start on a rewarding new career path.

Across our Jackson, Lansing, and Mt. Pleasant campuses, we offer a mixture of online and in-person classes to our healthcare, IT, and business students. Complete coursework online from the comfort of home to make juggling your responsibilities easier!

What Is Blended Learning?

With blended learning, students come to campus just two days a week (after the first five weeks of training) for face-to-face instruction, which helps them save on daily travel time and expenses. With this program structure, students are provided with the flexibility to work and manage family life while attending school. The rest of their studies are completed online anywhere, anytime.

Why We Use the Blended Learning Format

Let’s face it: online classes & e-learning is the way of the future. Many jobs can be performed mostly or completely online in a remote setting, just as many of our daily errands can. Why should your education be any different?

Numerous studies have been performed in recent years to gauge the effectiveness in e-learning. According to SH!FT Learning, much of the findings have been positive. For example, e-learning is shown to yield a 25%–60% increase in retention, making it easier for students to remember what they’re learning.1

You Can Fit Education into Your Busy Schedule

It’s the goal of our accredited school to constantly adapt to and evolve with the changing needs of our students. As the rest of the world shifts to online operations, we are too with e-learning options.

Career Quest Learning Centers believes this is the most effective form of post-secondary education because it can meet the needs of today’s busy students more than traditional education can. You may have a family to take care of, but with blended learning, you can put the kids to bed in the evening and learn at night or early in the morning.

Learning Is Hands-On Even When Remote

Our school takes pride in how hands-on our learning is. How does that work when you’re completing coursework remotely?

  • Our class sizes are small. With 25 students or less, you can get the one-on-one attention you need.
  • Instructors have your back. Your success is their success. They’ll take the time to answer any questions you may have about course material.
  • Coursework is all relevant. The goal is to earn your degree or certificate in 8 to 15 months. In order to make that happen, we cut out the irrelevant work from curriculums.

Which Programs Are Offered in the Blended Learning Format?

In the digital age, e-learning isn’t just a trend—it’s a viable and flexible option proven to help students succeed. By offering blended learning at its Jackson, Lansing, and Mt. Pleasant campuses, Career Quest Learning Centers ensures all students have the tools they need to succeed remotely.

All healthcare, IT, and business programs are offered in the blended learning format. Become a student today!