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Quality Career Training at a Location near You

Note: Online Programs offered in 2020

It’s time for a change: Your current job is no longer working for you. You’re ready to dive into a whole new role—a career that fits your strengths and satisfies your desire to love what you do.

Maybe you’ve tried traditional college in the past and it wasn’t for you. Maybe you’ve never had the opportunity to try higher education at all. In either case, the adult-focused learning at Career Quest Learning Centers is here to help you further your education so you can level up your career.

With three campuses in Lansing, Jackson, and Mt. Pleasant, we’re proud to help unlock the potential of Michigan residents just like you!

Why Choose Career Quest?

Are your days jam-packed with family and work obligations? Most of our students’ schedules are. Nevertheless, the flexibility of our curriculum, which was made to help adults further their education without putting their lives on hold, is intended to work for you.

Accelerate Your Education

We trim all the unnecessary courses and knowledge from our programs. You’ll ditch the “general education” and learn only the relevant information needed for real-world application in your chosen field. Our program structure allows students to complete their certificates or degree in 8-15 months.

Learn Online & in Person

Most of our programs offer blended learning, which gives students the opportunity to complete much of their coursework online. You may only need to visit campus two days a week!

Apply for Financial Assistance

As an accredited college, we’re able to provide federal and state aid as well as grants, scholarships, and more for any student who qualifies.

Find the Right Program for Your Skill Set

Five programs are offered through Career Quest, most breaking down into multiple certificates or degrees. With so many training programs available, students can find one that really fits their strengths and interests.

Not all programs offered at all campuses.

Programs vary by location. Please see the specific campuses on this page to learn which programs are offered at each location.

Are You Ready to Find Your Passion?

At Career Quest Learning Centers in Lansing, Jackson, and Mt. Pleasant, we’re committed to helping students find careers that truly suit them. If you’re ready to end your career compromise and find the right fit for you, contact our team for more information!