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Lansing, Michigan Campus

Residents of Lansing, MI or surrounding towns wanting to make a game-changing professional switch need look no further than Career Quest Learning Centers. As one of three accredited college campuses, Lansing is a conveniently located campus that goes above and beyond for its students every day.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your monotonous, overly simple job and say hello to a career that stimulates your mind and your heart? Just take a look at the many career training programs we have to offer!

Beyond the Classroom: Practical Job Training

The faculty and staff at our Lansing campus provide the training and skills you’ll need to launch a successful career. To this end, our focus isn’t placed solely on the knowledge and skills you’ll learn in books. Rather, we focus on applicable skills and conduct that can help you land a job and excel in the workplace.

We’re passionate about helping you succeed in our classrooms, labs, externships, and out in the real world. Our current Lansing career training programs include:

What Advantages Can We Offer?

How does our job training differ from other accredited colleges? Just take a look at a few of these highlights.

Learn in as little as 8 months

Are you ready to dive into your new career as soon as possible? Unlike the traditional college, we offer expedient programs that fast-track student growth.

Our class sizes are small

With only 25 students or less, we can keep the curriculum hands-on and tailor the experience to students’ needs.

Blended learning that fits your schedule 

Most of our programs can be completed through online and in-person courses alike. You won’t need to visit us every day.

We’re involved in student success 

Need help getting to class? We offer carpooling and transportation assistance. Need a little pre-exam boost? Tutoring is free.

This is adult-focused learning 

We know many students have families at home or other jobs. We want to accommodate your busy schedule.

We’re with You Every Step of the Way

When we say that we’re involved in student success, we truly do mean during every phase of the learning process.

While enrolling, our accredited college offers financial aid in the form of federal and state assistance, grants, discounts, and more to those who qualify. Let us know the needs of your unique situation. We want to help make it work.

As you’re finishing up your education here, the Career Services department will step in to help you prepare for the job hunt. We’ll help you build a resumé, match you with suitable job postings, and help you get ready for your interviews.

Even after you’re in your new job, our work isn’t done. We’ll retrain students for up to two years post-graduation for free if they need additional help performing necessary work functions.

It’s Time to Unlock Your True Potential

Easily accessible off I-96 and I-496, our Lansing campus is less than two miles south of Potter Park Zoo and just north of Cavanaugh Street. If you live in or around town, high-quality career training isn’t far at all.

If you want a career and not just a job, get in touch with Career Quest Learning Centers at (517) 236-8327 to schedule your campus tour today!