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Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, and Jackson are all cities known for their industry and hard workers. If you’re one of these hard workers and are already balancing family obligations and full-time work, you may feel that advancing your education just isn’t in the cards.

At Career Quest Learning Centers, we know it’s never too late to leave behind an unfulfilling job and take the first steps towards a satisfying career. Our accredited career education college offers flexible programs that were designed to work for you, backed by a team that’s dedicated to guiding you on the path to success.


Learning Made for Working Adults

Making the switch from a day job to an exciting and fulfilling career is one that requires an investment—time, ambition, and a desire for growth. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stretch out that investment over many semesters and years.

Our accredited college offers accelerated degrees and certificates, with programs ranging from 8 to 15 months. During that time, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves, but you could be on your way to a new career in less than a year!

While enrolled, you have the needed flexibility to fit classes into your working schedule. Blended learning means you can finish your program online and in person. You might only need to visit campus two days a week.

Students who qualify can apply for federal or state financial assistance to help them enroll today. New classes start every five weeks, so speak to a member of our team today to inquire about aid.


Find the Career Training Program That Fits Your Strengths

Textbook learning isn’t the be all, end all of education. Many students require a mixture of lectures and lab work to hone the skills needed for their new career.

We offer hands-on learning in small classes of less than 25 students, all of which offer the modern-day equipment you’d actually find in your new work environment. Our available programs include:

  • Healthcare
    • Medical Assistant
    • Medical Office Administration
    • Medical Billing & Coding
    • Ophthalmic Assistant
    • Certified Nurse Aid (CNA)
  • Business
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Business Administration (AAS)
  • Information Technology
    • Network Administration
    • Network Administration (AAS)
  • Trades
    • HVAC-R
  • Child Care
    • Child Care Assistant


Career training program offerings vary by campus, so be sure to check out each location individually to see what’s offered!


Helping You Grow Beyond the Classroom

Some colleges focus solely on teaching the technical skills you’d need in your new role. However, our accredited school understands that interpersonal skills can be just as important. Our curriculum teaches a well-rounded blend of the two so you can thrive in and out of the classroom.

Our Career Services Department will help you prepare for your new role by assisting in resume building, holding mock job interviews, connecting you with relevant employment postings, and more.

Beyond aiding job placement, we offer numerous resources to make learning easier. Transportation options, mental health resources, and childcare are all available during your enrollment.


This Is Your Quest, So Take the Lead at Career Quest Learning Centers

Is it time to make a change? Career Quest is in your corner to help you make great things happen.

Do you want to learn more? Contact our learning centers in Lansing, Jackson, or Mt. Pleasant campus today for details!


“I feel like once I get out there in the field, I’d be prepared. And it’s Career Quest I can thank for that.”



“By the time you’re done, you will have the confidence that you can go out there in the field and do what you need to do.”