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President's Letter

Welcome to Career Quest and thank you for your interest in our college. We are honored to have the opportunity to help you on your path to career success.

We are a career education learning center specializing in Health Care, Information Technology and Business. We focus 100 percent on preparing students for jobs in their chosen career fields. Many of our students are busy adults, many juggling multiple responsibilities during the day, from jobs to family. That’s why we offer concentrated and specific courses in programs that make the most of your valuable time. We’ve also developed invaluable support resources to ensure that we’re available to help you through the challenges when obstacles pop up from time to time.

Of course, we don’t do all the work for you. Students in Career Quest programs work hard, attend classes and study to prepare for the career they choose. If you are ready to succeed in a career, we will do everything in our power to get you off to a great start.

Still thinking about what to do next? Talk to some of our students. Read their stories or talk to some of the employers in our communities who can tell you why they choose to hire Career Quest graduates over and over.

Thank you for your interest in Career Quest.

We look forward to helping you succeed in your next career. We haven’t completed our job until you have a job. 

Very best wishes for your success,

Melissa Soderberg
President, Career Quest Learning Centers, Inc.


“I’m enrolled at Career Quest so I can be better at the job I have now. I’ve learned how to recognize health symptoms before they turn into a health care crisis. More knowledge means I help my patients lead the best lives possible.” 


“Half of my staff is made up of Career Quest graduates. Career Quest has played a huge role in the success of my business.”