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Discount Programs

Investing in Your Dream

Find the option to help make your education more affordable!

In an effort to help support the mission of local workforce development agencies, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and the educational goals of our students and their families, Career Quest will make tuition discounts available for those students who qualify.
Please schedule a time to meet with an admissions representative and financial aid administrator to help determine the best tuition discount option.
You must meet eligibility requirements for the following discount programs. Ask a Career Quest financial aid administrator for details.
$1,000 Career Quest Scholarship:
With a new $1,000,000 Scholarship Fund, Career Quest is awarding up to $1,000 to eligible students!  Need based scholarships will be awarded on a first-come basis until all scholarship funds have been awarded. Eligibility is determined automatically for all students who meet with an Admissions Representative at Career Quest, apply for financial assistance and start classes in 2014.
“Need A Break” Credit:
Our “Need A Break” credit enables students to earn credit for any in-school payments made on their Career Quest loan.  Students are eligible if they graduate from their Career Quest Program and meet monthly payment obligations while in school. The amount of eligible credit is 50% of your initial loan from Career Quest up to a maximum of $1,000. Credit will not exceed the amount of out-of-pocket payments made.
Michigan Works!
Career Quest offers a tuition discount to any student who is receiving financial aid from the Michigan Works!, WIA Adult, WIA Youth, WIA Dislocated Worker or JET/PATH Programs. If you’re enrolled in a comprehensive training program at Career Quest, you may be eligible to receive up to $5,550 to help pay for your tuition.
Armed Forces Tuition Discount
If you are a veteran or on active duty status, you and your spouse may be eligible for a tuition discount of 25% from Career Quest. Certifying officials are available to help with your application.
Share the Knowledge Tuition Discount
Through its Share the Knowledge & Family Tuition Discount, Career Quest offers a tuition discount to any student and an immediate family member who attend Career Quest at the same time. The discount is 10% of the total tuition cost for each family member and is applied to any remaining tuition balance.
AAS Early Enrollment Discount
Career Quest offers a tuition discount via its AAS Early Enrollment Discount to all students who are actively enrolled in a diploma level program. Students may be eligible for a 10% discount on tuition associated with re-enrollment into one of Career Quest’s AAS degree programs before completing a diploma program.


“I’m enrolled at Career Quest so I can be better at the job I have now. I’ve learned how to recognize health symptoms before they turn into a health care crisis. More knowledge means I help my patients lead the best lives possible.” 


Career Quest has been such a great experience for me. From staff to students, I have gained some awesome people in my life. I am forever grateful.