Success Stories

Sarah became a Career Quest Learning Center (CQLC) educator after working as a medical assistant for a variety of healthcare facilities. That allowed her to gain a lot of experience in different specialties and she brings that experience with her to the classroom.
Anisha Funderbrug is a Career Quest Medical Assistant Graduate and Registered Medical Assistant. She shared her story with us in the final days of her externship.  
When Trish found herself at a job she didn’t like, she decided to change her path. However, finding a path to success took a little time. “I went to a couple other schools,” Trish said. “They did not have support that Career Quest has. With everything that they do for you, this is the school that helped me succeed.”
Lisa was taking care of an elderly couple, which she loved doing. But she wanted to help even more people and families. “I decided to start my own company,” Lisa said. She knew she needed to further her education in order to be successful, so she started at Career Quest in the medical assistant program. “The education, the professors, the instructors were amazing,” Lisa recalled.
  Andrea had been working in the healthcare field, a budding industry with a bright outlook. But after twelve years with a company she thought she’d retire from, Andrea suddenly lost her job. This led her to make a decision. “I need to get the paperwork behind the experience.”
As a manager of a medical group and employer of Career Quest externs and graduates, Joann Doby-Waters knows a thing or two about what it means to be a Career Quest student.  
Paalman knows how rapidly the IT field continues to change. That’s why he serves on the Career Quest Curriculum Advisory Board.
Even as a child, Crystal Meadows knew what she wanted to do when she grew up: “My whole life, I’ve wanted to make people feel better.” She just didn’t know how. So she worked in gas stations, fast food restaurants and other service jobs that left her unfulfilled. Then a friend and graduate of Career Quest urged Crystal to go back to school.   
Jessica is like many students who want to move up in the world but can’t just quit everything in life to go back to school full-time. She’s busy with full-time work in the memory care unit of an assisted living facility. She also has three small children to care for, a full load!
Wendy found herself working in the retail market and feeling unfulfilled. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in a store, so she made the brave decision to go after something bigger. She knew that going back to school was the way to get there.