Success Stories

Mark had a good job in the Quality department of a company before the company hit hard times and his job was eliminated. Instead of returning to office work, he decided to get new skills and go into a field that was more interesting to him. After completing his Medical Assistant program, he was placed in an externship at a Pain Management Center.  
Kenn Rainsberger is a graduate of the Microsoft Office Specialist program. Kenn came to Career Quest after his office job at a nearby foundry was eliminated. The foundry closed due to outsourcing to another country.   
Diana had a husband in the Army and three kids at home. But she also was very determined. Before her husband enlisted, he had lost his job. Then she lost hers. It was time to make a change for the better.  
Tammy’s co-workers and patients would say she’s now at head of the pack in terms of her excellent quality of care. A recent graduate of the Career Quest Medical Assistant program, Tammy was recently named a Health Care Angel by Jackson Magazine!  
Her confidence was low initially, Heather explains, and she made the initial call to inquire about the health care programs at Career Quest, but then began to doubt whether she could handle going back to school. She found encouragement.
To know what kind of work Taylor wanted to do once her twin girls were big enough, all she had to do was look back.