There’s a myth that says it’s impossible to find a job in the hot summer months of July and August. Not true! It might be difficult to get through to hiring managers when many are on vacation, but summer can be a very good time to look for work. Compiled from reports from the field, we offer 5 good reasons to put on a fresh shirt or blouse and head out the door, heat or no heat.

1)   Summer vacation schedules also increase the number of contract or seasonal work opportunities to fill open spots where someone is on extended leave. Take a contract position where you would like to be full-time and prove your value!
2)   There’s less competition for the open jobs. Watch for new open job posts – or re-apply to posts that have gone unfilled and are reposted. Apply while your competition is waiting out the hottest summer month. Be sure to say you are available immediately (while your competition is taking time-off from the job-search.)
3)   Interview cycles can be shorter when a company is short-staffed in the summer. That means, a company may interview fewer people and have less time for follow-up interviews. You want to be sure you are one of the first interviews and make a great first impression.
4)   It’s a great time to network. Whether it’s a barbecue for the association of health care workers or a job fair cocktail hour hosted by the local Chamber, there are just more social events in the summer. So put on your best ‘pulled together’ work/casual wear and head out the door. You never know if your next network contact will be “the one”.
5)   Some jobs don’t take a vacation. Many job openings can’t wait until summer’s end to get filled. Depending on your skills, you may be just the right person to help fill the gap in serving health care patients who can’t wait, or fixing a company’s computers that keep crashing. 

Who knows, the interviews you have this summer could make you a hero at your new job while the pools are still open! Just keep at it!


“The type of student that would do well here is someone who is organized, dependable, motivated, hard-working with a great passion to take care of others.”



“I feel like once I get out there in the field, I’d be prepared. And it’s Career Quest I can thank for that.”