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How To Start a New Career in 2012

Where do you want to be next year? You can change your life in just one year, here’s how:
1.    Take control of your career path
The key here is to not let your past determine your future. It’s important to think Career – not jobs. Don’t just look for a new job, look for career fields that interest you. Do you like to help people? Maybe you’d like to work in the fast-growing health care field. Are you good with computers? Consider a career in information technology or office administration.
2.    Don’t be afraid to start something new
Choosing a career is a commitment to your future. You will spend most of your adult life working, so you should be in a career you choose. The job market is changing rapidly and there are new career training programs to help people get skills in their fields of interest. You can find new career opportunities today, even if you don’t have previous experience in the field.
3.    Look where the jobs are
If you want a new career, go where the jobs are.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics or the Chamber of Commerce in your city are both great resources. Some career fields growing right now are Computers and Technology; Health Care and Education.
4.    Get training and experience
Employers want to hire people who already have the foundation skills needed to succeed. Career Quest, allow students to earn certifications after completing career focused training programs, which typically can be completed in 6 to 12 months. Thanks to convenient day and night class schedules, many students keep their jobs while going back to school.  Another advantage Career Quest offers to students is externships, which give you real-life work experience while you’re in school.
5.    Set yourself up for success
It’s really important to set smaller goals along the way to your final goal. Your first goal might be to choose a career field. Your next goal might be to find a training program that fits your schedule. Along with setting goals, it’s also a good idea to find a solid support system. This can be family members, friends, teachers, a mentor, etc. At Career Quest we have Career Services staff that offer support services designed to help you start your education, stay on track and to succeed in your chosen career field. They can help with everything from finding financial aid to study help, resumes and preparing for certifications tests.  


“If anyone’s looking to get into an office setting, this is a great start because you can get all those basic computer skills that employers are looking for." 


“The instructors at Career Quest are awesome,” she said. “I couldn’t have done this on my own. They really do set you up to succeed.”