Finding part-time work that fits you!

Guest post by Danielle Cook, Career Quest Learning Centers in Lansing

Part-time jobs are just that, part-time, they are the jobs you work at to get you through school and pay the bills. If you’ve ever been back to Career Services and asked us about employment, chances are you’ve heard us say “Are you just looking for a job to get you through school or are you looking for a career opportunity?”

Even though it may be just a part-time job we want to enjoy going to work. Here are some tricks to finding a part-time job that fits you:

Know what you’re looking for
Beforehand think about where you would like to work and more importantly what’s going to be a good schedule for you.

Get out and into the community
The best ways to find those part time jobs is to get out into the community and network. By going to your local mall and window shopping for job postings.

Big name and big brands
There is a reason the big name search engines are so popular. They have millions of job postings and update daily. Use them to get a feel for whose hiring in your area. Don’t be afraid to look on company websites and do a little investigating on your own.

Don’t give up
If you didn’t get the job you wanted or an interview at the store you had your eye on DON’T GIVE UP. There are hundreds of people in the area looking for part-time work just like you. Keep trying and putting your resume out there. Take the opportunity to learn what you did right and what you could have done better. You can use that information to ace the next interview.

About the Author
 Danielle Cook is part of CQLC’s Lansing Campus’s Career Services Team and is current Editor and Chief of “The Quest” CQLC’s Career Services Monthly Newsletter. She has worked in human resources as a specialist supporting a wide variety of daily HR functions. Currently she assists students/alumni with part time employment and volunteer opportunities. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Project Management from Baker College. Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn at 


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