Be Irreplaceable

In today's competitive job market, its more important than ever to prove your worth. Here are some tips for being an irreplaceable employee.

1. Adapt to change. When your company makes changes, figure out how your job role can help facilitate those changes. Be proactive and show that you are committed to the success of the business.

2. Be dependable. Dependability is the number one thing employers tell us they are looking for in employees. This means always showing up to work, meeting deadlines and going above and beyond expectations.

3. Have a positive attitude. Prove that you are a team player by volunteering to take the lead on new projects. Think critically and bring solutions, rather than problems, to the table.


“The type of student that would do well here is someone who is organized, dependable, motivated, hard-working with a great passion to take care of others.”



"I want to know who I am in this world and what difference I can make.”