On-The-Spot Job Interviews

Anytime you are applying for a job in person, or even online you should be prepared to be interviewed immediately. If you're applying in person, the hiring manager could interview you right then and there. If you applying online, the hiring manager could call you within minutes.  Keep reading for tips on how to always be prepared.

1. Why are you applying?
Always be ready to answer this question. This means you should research the company before applying and prepare a short list of why you'd like to work for the company.

2. What relevant experience do you have?
Be prepared to give detailed examples of related work or experiences you had in a training program or school.

3. What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?

Hiring managers love to ask this question. Be sure that you can answer it without pausing. You're weakness should always be an example of how you can overcome a problem. Here's an example of a strong answer to this tough question:

" I have always struggled with speaking in public. To overcome this fear I have volunteered to take the lead on projects in school, in which presentations are required. Now, each time I give a presentation I am less intimidated and more confident."

The key to being prepared for a "On-the-Spot" interviewing is planning ahead. Completing research and preparing yourself ahead of time will help you to be confident and well-spoken in any interview.


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