Why Your Resume Got Tossed

The average recruiter sees 5,000 resumes a year. Here are some of the top reasons why a resume gets thrown out:

Formality Takes a Vacation

Don’t succumb to the informality of email. “If you send a cover letter by email that starts with ‘Hi,’ it and your resume will probably end up in the trash.

Things Get Too Personal

“If you mention your age, we have to trash your resume,” says one HR professional with a venture capital firm. Since it’s illegal for a company to solicit a candidate’s age, race, or marital status during the hiring process, firms have adopted a “don’t tell” policy to avoid potential bias suits.

Google Results

Unless you’ve adjusted your privacy settings, what you say and do on social networks is out there for all to see, including potential employers. Basically, you have two options when it comes to keeping your online identity spic and span: Remove all incriminating photos and censor your status updates and Tweets, or completely privatize your profiles.

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“You can text them, call them, email them whenever you need to."


“I decided to go to school so that I knew my son would have a secured future.”