Benefits of Job Shadowing

Guest post by Danielle Cook, Career Services Administrative Assistant

Job shadowing can be one of the most beneficial experiences for a recent grad or anyone looking to change professions. It will give an inside look at companies and help you find a career you are passionate about. Here are some quality reason why job shadowing is always a good idea:

Get a glimpse into a company
By job shadowing you can gain some insider information on a company. You also get to learn firsthand what someone in that position does on a daily basis.

Increase your chance to be hired by that company

While job shadowing you are getting the chance to network and get your name out there. This will give you the edge over other possible candidates who have not met with any representatives from the company. Also it shows a potential employer that you are serious about the position since you are willing to take unpaid time out of your day to shadow.

Gain hands on experience

Especially if you are change fields, job shadowing can give you vital hands on experience. When entering a new career, job shadowing at a few locations can help you narrow down your interests
or just be a resume builder.

Obtain Feedback
Most people loving giving free advice so take advantage of this time to get some good feedback. By opening up a dialogue between you and the person you are shadowing you have the chance to see
what the company is truly looking for.


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