Career Fairs: Tips for Success!

By Andrew Belanger - Career Services Coordinator (Lansing Campus)

I recently had the opportunity to attend several career fairs for business and community development. At the Greater Lansing Journey to Job Career Fair on April 26th, I participated as an employer representative, collecting resumes and speaking with potential candidates. Below are several things that stood out among job seekers that I spoke with:

First impressions: Look and feel the part. The candidates that stood out to me had a smile, firm handshake and an introduction statement. Dressing and looking the part will help build confidence and show potential employers that you take pride in your appearance.

Be Educated: Being able to provide basic information on a company to a representative could be the difference between getting a call for an interview or not hearing back at all. I was more engaged with candidates that had some basic facts and a response to “what do you know about Career Quest?”

Ask questions:
Several candidates I spoke with asked questions; some about the organization, some about my specific role and some about the positions we were looking to fill.

Be Prepared: Have a cover letter addressed to companies that will be in attendance at the career fair. Doing so can show you put time and energy into the application process. In addition to highlighting your skills it can show that you have done some research and have come prepared.


“If anyone’s looking to get into an office setting, this is a great start because you can get all those basic computer skills that employers are looking for." 


“Don’t be afraid. They have thought of everything in this school to make it so that you succeed."