How to Start Off on the Right Foot at a New Job

Follow these tips to impress your new co-workers and boss.

1. Don't wait for the first day. The first steps to success in a new job begin. Be sure to communicate with HR or your boss before you’re first day. Ask important questions that will prepare you for a success first day on the job.

2. Make early connections on social media. Social-networking sites such as LinkedIn provide an opportunity to connect with members of your new organization even before you walk through the door. As with anything social, however, take care to put your best professional foot forward and clean up your profiles before making new connections.

3. Create a 30-/60-/90-day plan. Working with your new manager, map out a course to follow during your first few months at the company. Set goals with measurable benchmarks for success for one, two and three months on the job.

4. Identify key resources and how to access them.
This could be as simple as where to find office supplies or getting your phone connected to a more significant investment such as access to technology. The sooner you acquire basic equipment, the faster you can contribute.

5. Seek opportunities to make a difference.
Identify areas for improvement and take initiative. This is a great way to prove your value.


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