How to Calm Pre-Interview Jitters

Interview Waiting Room
If you are like most people, you get nervous before a job interview. Interviews can be very intimidating but with these helpful tips, you can conquer pre-interview anxiety!

The best way to get rid of nervousness is to be prepared. Practice interview questions with a friend or to yourself in the mirror. Hearing yourself speak aloud will help you form more confident answers when you’re in the real interview.
Get a good night of sleep. Rest will help your mind think clearly and rationally. Try a warm bath to relax, and then get in bed early.

The day of the interview, don’t spend more than hour researching or preparing, this will only heighten your nerves. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to look your best, this will help you feel more confident. Also, leave early and make sure you know how to get to your destination. Take deep breaths and don’t forget to smile!


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