How To Write A Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter might be the hardest part when it comes to applying for a new job. Here are tips to help you create a standout cover letter!

1. Begin your letter with which position you are applying for and the company’s name. Also, if you have a mutual contact or were referred by someone, include that person’s name in the first sentence.

2. If you can, try to tell a short story of how this position relates to your life. Summarize your career and your work experience in a couple sentences.

3. List your work-related achievements starting with your biggest accomplishments. Give examples of how your previous experience will help the company you are applying to.

4. End your cover letter by saying when and how you will get in touch.

5. One last tip—try to keep your cover letter to one page or less or about four short paragraphs!


“You can text them, call them, email them whenever you need to."


“I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be successful. CQ has equipped me with the knowledge that I need."