Five Organization Tips for College Students

Pen and Notebook

Starting a new semester can be tricky. Whether it’s your first semester or last, it always pays to be organized before it begins. If you want to make things easier on yourself and stop worrying so much about managing your course work, read the five short tips for getting organized listed below.

Set goals
Having a clear picture of what you hope to achieve can motivate you when challenges arise. It can also help you plan a course of action to make reaching your goals easier. If your goal is to earn an “A” in anatomy, list out the steps you’ll need to take to reach it.

Use a planner
We know, we know. Planners aren’t cool, but they are necessary if you want to get a handle on your schoolwork. Successful people use planners every day. Why should you be any different? We recommend writing down all known due dates in advance. As soon as a new project or test is announced, write it down. Getting organized with a planner can help you save time and ease your mind.

Learn to manage your time
Making the transition from high school or the professional world to a world with more homework and study time can be difficult. We suggest making a list of priorities and leaving time for important things like family and school. If you find yourself choosing between an extra hour of TV or taking the time to study, consult the list. 

Create a system
Whether it’s color coding a binder, buying a file cabinet or putting Post-it notes with due dates in places you know you’ll remember, creating an organized system that works for you is important.

Establish a routine
Even if you’re a person who thrives on spontaneity, establishing a routine can help. If you know that studying someplace quiet for an hour before a test helps, do it every time. If you know that doing your homework right after class helps you avoid procrastination, do it after class. Find out what works for you and stick to it.   



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