Online vs. Campus-Based Degree Programs

College Student Studying Online

With the number of online-based education programs available from colleges and universities in the United States increasing, more students find themselves having to choose between campus-based and online learning. However, there are a multitude of benefits that a campus-based learning environment provides to students that online learning cannot. 

Below is a list of campus-based learning benefits.

Facilities and Resources

College campuses house multiple facilities and resources that students of online programs cannot experience. Libraries hold thousands of resources right at your fingertips; laboratories offer the latest equipment necessary for projects; and tutoring, advising and career counseling can all be experienced at locations on campus.  

Face-to-Face Interaction

Students of a campus-based education can easily interact face-to-face with both instructors and peers alike. Questions can be answered on the spot instead of waiting for a reply email. Group projects can be discussed in real time. And instructors are better able to motivate and inspire students while online learners may feel isolated and confused.


The structured nature of campus-based education is also beneficial to students. The regularity of scheduled class times and group projects can help students keep pace with their classes. Online students often develop the habit of procrastination and wait until the last minute to complete assignments. 


Students who enroll in campus-based programs have the opportunity to network with alumni, faculty and peers. Students feel more connected and programs with active alumni groups are able to help students explore career opportunities with the ultimate goal of helping them land a job.

So if you’re choosing between an online and campus-based education, make sure you consider the learning strategies and techniques that best suit your individual learning style.


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