Medical Assistants –5 Skills You’ll Need

Medical AssistantsIf you care about people and have a strong desire to help them, you may already have some of the skills you’ll need to become a Medical Assistant.  Medical assistant training may be the perfect match for you!


The Best Medical Assistants Have the Best Skillsets


1) Honesty & Integrity

Patient privacy will be entrusted to you as a Medical Assistant and you must guard that responsibility with the utmost care. Not only will you be privy to sensitive medical information, but you will also learn much about the personal lives of your patients. Honesty and integrity are also vital in your interactions with doctors and staff. The team approach used in most healthcare settings today demands that each member honestly and openly accept responsibility for his or her role within the organization. 

2) Interpersonal Skills

You’ve got to be a people person. As a Medical Assistant, you’ll spend most of your day interacting with people from all walks of life. You’ll need to be pleasant and helpful to doctors, nurses, medical staff and patients –patients who may be nervous about a procedure, a diagnosis or their overall health. Your ability to offer them reassuring words and a warm smile can be the difference between a good experience and a horrible one.

3) Communication Skills

As a Medical Assistant, you’ll often need to translate complicated medical terminology into a language that your patients can understand. Serving as liaison from patient to doctor, you may be taking patient history one moment and then instructing patients on post-procedure care the next. Your ability to effectively communicate can save your patients unnecessary stress, ensure that healthcare workers in your office do their best job, and increase the level of professionalism with which your entire facility is run.

4) Fine Attention to Detail

Whether you’re performing lab procedures, doing billing and coding, or interfacing directly with patients, your fine attention to detail is an asset the healthcare field requires. Mistakes in the medical field can cost more than just time and money; they can adversely affect patient care.

5) Ability to Multi-task

If you’re thinking that working in the healthcare field as a Medical Assistant sounds like you’ll be busy doing a lot of different tasks, you’re right. The ability to quickly switch gears and adapt to changing situations is an important skill. As a Medical Assistant in an exciting medical setting, you’ll often be called upon to keep many balls in the air, all the while remaining pleasant and professional.  

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