Career Quest Learning Centers Invests in the Future

Career Quest Learning Centers is ready to invest in you!

Through a one million dollar scholarship fund, Career Quest Learning Centers is giving eligible students the opportunity to pursue their career training dreams with a little extra financial help. Eligible students can receive up to $1,000 off their tuition!

Jason Malley is one student on his way to a new life thanks, in part, to Career Quest Learning Centers and its willingness to invest in its own students. An IT Professional student at the Career Quest Learning Centers Lansing campus, Jason says he plans on finishing his certificate program and then continuing on in September to pursue an Associate in Applied Sciences degree. Jason says he knows getting a degree and a good job is good for him, but he’s really thinking of his 3-year-old daughter.

“If I better my life, it doesn’t just better me,” said Jason. “It betters her life too.”

Born and raised in Lansing, Jason still lives with his family and is concentrating on school right now. He said he was out in the working world, but knew he wanted more.

“I’ve been taking computers apart ever since I was a kid,” said Jason. The IT program at Career Quest Learning Centers, then, was a natural fit for him. And Jason says the instructors are just great.

“I like all the teachers,” said Jason.  “They really care and do the best they can for their students.”

Alison Love, currently enrolled in the Administrative Office Professional program, agrees.

“The teachers very much care about your success,” said Alison. “They’ve given me lots of positive feedback and support.” 

Alison points to the small class sizes, one-on-one attention and the teachers’ willingness to be accommodating with their students as reasons why she loves her program. Everything about Career Quest Learning Centers feels like family to her. Maybe that’s because she’s had such a long-term relationship with the school. Alison took her first classes with Career Quest Learning Centers back in 1996 when she felt she needed to keep up with emerging computer technologies. Now, she’s at it again.

“I needed to update my skills,” said Alison. She gave her old school a call and spoke to School Director Todd Brewer. She worked directly with him to hone in on a program that was just right for her. She agreed with Todd that the Administrative Office Professional program would give her the skills she needed to reenter the workforce.

“I want a good job,” said Alison “and updating my skills will help me get there.”

The scholarship opportunity that Alison and Jason are eligible for will also help them get there. Could it help you, too?

A 2014 initiative, the scholarship fund has already enrolled more than 150 students in the program. Students who qualify can receive up to $1000 to offset their educational costs. Career Quest Learning Centers is investing in dreams. What’s your dream?


“I decided to go to school so that I knew my son would have a secured future.”



Career Quest has been such a great experience for me. From staff to students, I have gained some awesome people in my life. I am forever grateful.