Mrs. Clark –Turning on light bulbs

The best part of Racheal Clark’s job as a medical assistant instructor at Career Quest Learning Centers is seeing the spark of knowledge that comes from her students when they achieve just a little more than they thought they were capable of.

“Sometimes they like to think that they don’t like to think, but then I see that light bulb come on,” said Racheal.

The path to that bright light isn’t always easy, admits Racheal. She works with her students, using real world case studies to serve as examples of what they might encounter in the field. She forces them to think critically and says she asks them to answer questions “in their own words” to demonstrate that they have a full grasp of a concept she’s teaching.

And when they do “get it,” Racheal says “that’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

Racheal worked as a medical assistant for 18 years before coming to the Jackson campus to impart a little of her long-learned wisdom to the next generation of healthcare professionals. In addition to teaching them the fundamentals of the profession, Racheal says she tries to serve as a positive role model.

“If I can be a positive influence in their lives,” said Racheal “that is very important to me.”

Racheal teaches her students how to function as professionals in today’s healthcare field. She shows them the importance of knowing the material, working hard to achieve their goals and of being prepared for the what-if scenarios of work and life.

“My hope is that their work ethic will take them as far as they can go so they’ll be able to compete out in the world,” said Racheal.

She also says she hopes students who complete the medical assistant program develop a real desire for lifelong learning.

“If you think you know all there is to know in medicine, then that’s when it’s time to get out of the field,” said Racheal. “I want my students to always continue their education.”

Racheal is a popular instructor who has a great rapport with her students. She likes watching her students succeed and come together as a class.  And she likes being there for them.

“If I can make a difference in one student’s life, that’s great,” said Racheal, “because they’ve already made a difference in mine.”

Racheal Clark is just one of the talented professionals who serves as an instructor at Career Quest Learning Centers. If you’re interested in learning from people who are passionate about their careers and the students they teach, check out all the career training programs at Career Quest Learning Centers.



“Coming here after I was laid off at my job actually gave me an appetite for more education.” 


“You can text them, call them, email them whenever you need to."