6 Job Interview Strategies

Job InterviewsJob interviews can be overwhelming. But if you’re well-prepared you can walk into your next interview with the confidence you’ll need to land the job! Here are 6 job interview strategies to help you succeed:

Know the company. It’s not enough just to check out the company website. Pretend your interview is a test and make sure you study well for it. Find out ALL you can about the company and what it does. Has it been in the news lately?  Be ready to discuss its current events. Knowing a lot about the company will allow you to answer questions intelligently but also to ask a few of your own.

Know the job. Study the job description so you know exactly what might be expected from you if you’re hired. Then go a bit further and check out job postings from other companies. Do you know anyone in the field? Then, ask them what they do and what they like about their jobs.

Know your resume. Take the time to update your resume and tailor it to meet the job you’re pursuing. Then, make sure you know what’s on your resume and exactly what you have listed in each of your previous positions. It’s easy to forget some of the details of old jobs, but details are what matters when hiring managers are separating potential job candidates from future employees.

Practice before you go. Have you ever heard of a mock interview? It’s where you pretend to be a candidate for a job interview and practice just what you’d do in a real interview. Have a friend or professional in the field you hope to work in act the part of job interviewer while you play your role as job candidate. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be when you go on a real interview.

Make a good first impression. From the moment you get up on the day of your job interview, have a positive attitude. Dress professionally, bring your resume and greet everyone you meet with a firm handshake, pleasant smile and good eye contact. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one.

Be yourself. Have you received good career training so you’re ready for your new career? Then, trust in your abilities and your training and bring your self-confidence into the job interview. Be honest about your abilities and strengths. Don’t pretend you can do more than you’re able but don’t be afraid to let them know all you can do. And make sure they know you’re always willing to learn more.

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