Fall -A Great Time to Begin your Future

College StudentsWith summer coming to an end, fall is the perfect time to take steps toward a new future. If you’re considering training for a new career, here are 4 reasons the fall season is a great time to get started. It all starts with you!

Fall is a common time for school and career training to begin. If you’re thinking of starting career training in the fall, you’re not alone! Most schools and colleges have traditional start dates that begin as the summer draws to a close. If you choose to begin your career training right now, you’ll be in the company of other students who are looking to build a bright new future –just like you.

It’s easier to concentrate in cooler temperatures. Did you know that there’s actual scientific evidence to support the idea that you’ll learn better in cooler temperatures? Scientists have found that your cognitive function, or ability to think, is negatively impacted in warm temperatures. In one experiment, the participants in warm rooms did much more poorly in academic work than those who were in cooler rooms.

More courses and programs are available. Schools understand that the demand for classes increases in the fall and they plan accordingly. The programs you’re most interested in are more likely to be fully staffed and available to you at the beginning of a new fall semester.

Today is better than tomorrow. When it comes to your education, right now is when you want to start! Procrastination can stand in the way of you and your future. If you want a better tomorrow, there’s no better time than right now—this fall—to make a move in the right direction!

If you’re ready to begin your career training this fall, Career Quest Learning Centers offers an array of career training programs, many of which can be completed in less than 7 months. Fall session starts September 29th. Call 877-481-4930 or 877-365-8144 now to learn more. The beginning to your new career could be waiting behind a Michigan door in Lansing or Jackson this fall.



“The type of student that would do well here is someone who is organized, dependable, motivated, hard-working with a great passion to take care of others.”



"I thought, why not go back to school and be able to help a family, give them that comfort that I received?"