Benefits of Externships

Have you ever noticed that most job listings are looking for workers with experience? But how do you get the experience without the job?  Health Care Externship

Try out your classroom lessons. Externships allow you to apply your classroom lessons to the real world. As an extern, you’ll get to take your hands-on training to the next level, testing out your new skills under the supervision of career professionals. You’ll also get to see how professionals in the industry perform their jobs and what they encounter in their everyday lives.

Get that work experience hiring managers want. An externship gives you real work experience with the chance to perform some of the actual tasks you would need to do at a real job. You get to interact with professionals from the field and the people they serve. If you’re entering the healthcare field, an externship will allow you to interact with real patients in actual healthcare settings. An externship in business will allow you to use your skills in an on-the-job-business environment.

Continue learning. Externships also allow you to learn about specialties within your new field. For example, if you’re working toward an associate degree in business administration, you might try out an externship as a bookkeeper or executive assistant. Which one do you think you’d like best? An externship can help you find the answer and also help you narrow your career focus so you’ll be better able match a job to your strengths and talents.

Meet other professionals. Your externship gives you an awesome opportunity to meet people in your new field. The professionals you meet can teach you the ropes of your job, and can also introduce you to others in the field. An externship is a great way to build your professional network! And some of your colleagues and supervisors might be the perfect people to ask for letters of recommendation when you’re going for that real job.

Find a job. Speaking of jobs, externships sometimes turn into real jobs! An externship gives you the chance to prove that you’d make a great employee. Many people use externships to jumpstart their careers. Are you ready to begin your future? It all starts with you!

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