Career Quest Student Thanks a Favorite Teacher

Katie Cole knows her long term goals:

“I want to make a difference,” said Katie. “I want to be that person giving someone CPR. I want to save lives.”

Katie says thanks to the Medical Assisting training she’s receiving from Career Quest Learning Centers, she’s on her way to fulfilling that dream. After completing her classroom instruction, Katie is on her externship working with cancer patients and confident that she has the skills to do the job well.

“I’ll be taking everything I learned in classes out to my externship,” said Katie. “We had to do everything exactly the way it would be done out on the job if we wanted to pass--so I’m ready.”

Katie found the training thorough and demanding but says she was able to succeed thanks, in part, to a single outstanding teacher.

“Mrs. J is the best teacher at Career Quest,” said Katie, referring to Sara Joblonski. “I was going through a hard time in my life and she would meet with me outside of class. She answered all my questions. She answered every one of them.”

According to Katie, Mrs. J didn’t impact just her life.

“She goes out of her way for all her students,” said Katie. “She is an amazing teacher.”

Katie says that all of the teachers at Career Quest Learning Centers helped her learn the skills she’d need to become a medical assistant. They taught her how to take patient vital signs, perform blood draws, perform CPR and provide excellent physician assistance.

“They really prepare you for your future,” said Katie.

Katie is planning for a bright future for her and her 3-year-old daughter.

“My daughter is my motivation. I just want to give her the life I never had,” said Katie. “Becoming a medical assistant will give me a promising career to do so. A dead end job won't. "

In the short term, Katie is hoping to turn her externship into a job. Long-term, Katie wants to become a registered nurse someday. And she’s on her way thanks to teachers like Mrs. J. and the career training she received at Career Quest Learning Centers.

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“I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be successful. CQ has equipped me with the knowledge that I need."


“Before Career Quest, I had a job but I just wasn’t going anywhere. I was scared but I decided to give it a shot.  Now I’m the Secretary of the Student Council and ready to graduate!”