What is Information Technology?

Information Technology Student at Career QuestHave you noticed that a lot of people say they work in IT? Information Technology or “IT” encompasses the technologies that help people and businesses store and process information. Anything involved with computers, like hardware, software, websites, servers, databases, the Internet and intranets and telecommunication systems all fall under that IT category. So it’s easy to understand why there are so many people saying they work in IT; so many do!

The IT industry is the largest of any computer-related field. It employs more than 1.5 million people!* But if you’re thinking that IT professionals only work for computer companies, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, IT professionals work across all industries. Retail stores, private corporations, nonprofit organizations and healthcare facilities all need the services IT professionals provide. IT professionals help protect our national security and your personal banking information. But they can also connect you to your local restaurant to secure you an online dinner reservation. They do so much for so many different types of businesses.

Computers are everywhere! And so are the professionals who make sure they and their systems are up and running well. If you already use and like computers, have a curious mind and good attention to detail, maybe you’re just the type of person who could be an IT professional. The best thing about the field is that there are so many careers to choose from. And you can get your foot in the door for an IT career with programs that offer certificates and associate degrees that can be completed in less than two years.

The next time someone asks what you do, would you like to say you work in IT? Set yourself on the path to a great career by training at Career Quest Learning Centers. We have a Network Administration Certification program you could complete in as little as eight months and an Associate Degree in Network Administration that you could earn in as little as 14 months. Give us a call to find out more at 877-481-4930 or 877-365-8144. Start your future today!





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