How to Match Your Skills to the Job Posting

New JobIt’s not enough to have career training skills; you also need to be able to effectively communicate all your qualifications to your future employer. Here are 4 ways to match your skills to the job posting and increase the likelihood that you’ll get hired.

Read the posting carefully. Before you even apply, make certain the job sounds like one you’d like and for which you feel qualified. If the company is looking for an administrative assistant and requires knowledge of software like QuickBooks, Microsoft Word and Excel, think about how well you know those programs and others. Then, be sure to include them on your resume and cover letter. But if they’re looking for skills you’re not sure you possess, don’t immediately exclude the job! Translate the vocabulary they use to something that makes more sense to you. Possessing good interpersonal skills just means you’re good with people and having an analytical mind means you’re good at solving puzzles.

Find out about the company. Job postings for similar positions can start to sound alike. For example, all healthcare workers need to understand the importance of effective patient care. They need to be capable and compassionate. But if you truly want to match your skillset to the job posting, find out what makes the healthcare facility you’re applying to unique. Then, tailor what you have to say to match their mission and their commitment to their patients.

Pull Keywords from the posting. Use the same language the employer uses to describe your own experiences and abilities. If the job posting asks for IT professionals with Cloud Computing or Computer Forensics experience, be certain to highlight your match to those technical skill requirements using those exact words. But don’t be thrown off by experiences or terminology that sound just out-of-reach. If you don’t have the exact certification required yet, outline those you already have to demonstrate that you understand their importance that that you’re willing and able to attain even more.

Highlight your soft skills. Job postings often list many qualifications that don’t seem to have anything to do with the job you’ll be performing. These are the soft skills that employers often consider just as important as the concrete skills of your career. Your positive attitude, good work ethic and ability to get along well with your co-workers could all combine to make you a really good employee. Take every opportunity on your resume, in your cover letter and on an actual job interview to show how your soft skills will fit the job and the company.

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