Miah Dillard Named Student of the Month, Lansing Campus

Miah Dillard

Lansing, MI (December 4, 2014) – Miah Dillard was selected as the November Student of the Month for the Career Quest College campus in Lansing. Dillard is working toward her Medical Assistant diploma, with plans to graduate in May 2015. She was chosen, “because she is a great role model and takes her education very seriously,” according to Sherri Roe, Director of Education. “She has a great attendance record and stellar grades. She is committed to her education

“I’m grateful for the invaluable information I'm receiving, the learning atmosphere and the professional environment,” Dillard says. “Although I had very different expectations of where I would be at this point in my life, I know this is exactly where I need to be to get to where I'm trying to go.”

Students interested in learning more about their educational options, should call the Career Quest admissions offices at Lansing 877-481-4930 / Jackson 877-365-8144.

Since 1995, Career Quest has implemented its mission to provide students with the skills required for employment and/or career advancement, by educating and training them with the equipment and technology found in the current workplace.


“The students that are coming out of Career Quest are hard-working, dedicated, committed and eager to learn.”



“Teachers work with you so well and they get you to that goal. I feel like they really set you up for success.”