Working on an IT Help Desk

Modern businesses do not run without computers, and computers don’t stay up and running without an occasional trip to the help desk. If you’ve ever experienced a glitch in computer software, lost something on your hard drive, or suffered a full-out computer crash, you probably appreciate the people who really know the ins-and-outs of computers. The trained professionals who work on Information Technology Help Desks across the country serve a vital function for all industries. Do you have what it takes be a help desk technician? Here’s what they do:

  • Answer phones or see customers in-person to find out what’s wrong with their computers. Help desk support specialists are on the frontlines of customer service. They need great listening skills to understand the issues a customer might be having so that they can correctly identify and categorize the problem.
  • Assess the situation from preliminary information provided by the customer. An experienced help desk technician may be able to immediately answer a customer’s questions, and even solve their problems, on-the-spot. More likely, they’ll need to investigate further by asking specific questions about what software and hardware issues the customer is experiencing.
  • Diagnose problems by combining what they learn from the customer and what they know from their own career training and experience. A help desk solution may be as simple as assisting a customer with a password reset or updating software, or it can be much more complicated.
  • Use their skills to troubleshoot more complex issues. Knowledgeable help desk technicians can pull from their past experiences to solve problems that might stump less savvy computer technicians. For example, an experienced technician might know how incompatibility issues can make it look like vital documents are lost when really they’re just hiding. Or that network speed can be affected by router locations, the use of cloud technology, or even what a building is constructed of.
  • Refer the issue to more experienced technicians. One of the most important actions a help desk specialist can take is to ask for help! Knowing when a problem needs to be referred to someone with more experience and computer knowledge can save time and money –and leave a help desk customer satisfied and happy.

If you’ve always had an interest in computers and are a great problem-solver, maybe you have what it takes to work on an IT Help Desk. At Career Quest Learning Centers, we offer hands-on career training in healthcare, business and Information Technology. You could earn your associate of applied science degree in network administration is as little as 15 months. Give us a call in Lansing at 877-481-4930 to learn more now.



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