Robert Forrester Named Faculty Member of the Month for Career Quest Jackson Campus

Jackson, MI (February 24, 2015) – Robert Forrester was selected as the January Faculty Member of the Month for the Career Quest College campus in Jackson. Forrester is an adjunct IT instructor who is much respected for his work ethic and style. 

He was selected because creates an interactive learning environment for his students and, “He’s a trustworthy instructor who will roll up his sleeves and help at any point,” said Vice President of Compliance Todd Brewer.

Students interested in learning more about their educational options, should call the Career Quest admissions offices at Jackson 877-365-8144 or Lansing 877-481-4930.

Since 1995, Career Quest has implemented its mission to provide students with the skills required for employment and/or career advancement, by educating and training them with the equipment and technology found in the current workplace. 


“If anyone’s looking to get into an office setting, this is a great start because you can get all those basic computer skills that employers are looking for." 


“They personally know you and I think that’s the difference between a community college and Career Quest.”