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Career Quest Jackson Campus Hosts Alumni Social

Jackson, MI (April 24 2015) – The Career Quest campus in Jackson held its first-ever alumni social on the campus, Friday, April 10.  
“This was a chance for our students to come back and celebrate where they started and what they’ve achieved since graduating,” said Amber Deel, president of the Jackson campus. “We were very happy that they also brought their friends and family members to share in the celebration.”
“Even though my degree is in I.T., I think it was the ‘soft skills’ I learned that have really helped me since graduation,” shared Mark Lantis, who graduated in 2014 and is currently working at HCL Technologies. “In my job, I have to have a good knowledge of I.T., but I also have to understand people so I can provide good customer service. I’m grateful to everyone at Career Quest who helped me achieve this.”
Career Quest has provided ambitious students with new opportunities in career education since 1995. 




Career Quest has been such a great experience for me. From staff to students, I have gained some awesome people in my life. I am forever grateful.


“I’m enrolled at Career Quest so I can be better at the job I have now. I’ve learned how to recognize health symptoms before they turn into a health care crisis. More knowledge means I help my patients lead the best lives possible.”