5 Traits You Need to Succeed as an Office Administration Professional

Administration Professionals with caption "Traits for Success in an Office"Are you really well-organized and reliable? Have you always imagined yourself working in an office? Well, that picture could become a reality if you have the traits that every office administration professional needs to succeed.

Dependable: You’re able, responsible, and reliable. That means you come to work every day, on time and prepared to perform your job to the very best of your abilities. You don’t miss deadlines or make excuses. Instead, you rise to the challenge, even in the busiest office with the most demanding supervisors. You’ve got this, right?

Self-starting: Once you’ve attained the skills of an office administration professional, you put them into action. You don’t wait to be told what to do; you just get the job done! You show initiative and meet the needs of your employer with minimal supervision. That doesn’t mean you don’t ask questions or look for guidance. It does mean that you anticipate the demands of the job and meet them head-on.

Professional: You already know that being professional isn’t just about the way you dress. It’s an attitude that lets others know that you take your career seriously and that you know how to get down to business. You don’t waste time with gossip and you definitely don’t share private information. You can be trusted and you have integrity.

Attentive: You’re attentive to your boss and your clients, but also to the details. You’d never let an email or written correspondence slip by with a typo and you certainly wouldn’t forget an important assignment. You anticipate the needs of others and act efficiently to meet them.

Pleasant: You’re just a nice, friendly person. If you want to do well as an office administration professional and advance in your career, being a good person is a great place to start. American businessman and CEO of the huge private equity firm The Blackstone Group, Stephen Allen Schwarzman, says that “to be hired at our place and work with us, you have to be nice. I don't like people who are not nice.”1

You have the traits to be a successful office administration professional. Now all you need is the training. Check out the business programs at Career Quest Learning Centers and then give us a call in Lansing at 877-481-4930 or Jackson at 877-365-8144 to schedule a campus tour. You’re halfway there. Let us help you get all the way!

1 http://money.cnn.com/2015/03/03/investing/blackstone-schwarzman-mba-wall-street/



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