What’s Happening in Healthcare?

You can’t work in healthcare without knowing a little bit about what’s going on in the industry. After all, it’s your future! Don’t you want to know what might impact it?

Cutting Edge Technologies: From 3-D printers that “print” bones which can be implanted into humans1 to new methods that make blood draws easy, fast and painless2, medical technologies are helping us all live happier, healthier lives. What a great time to be a respected member of the medical profession!

Affordable Health Care Act: Even though the law commonly referred to as Obamacare was enacted back in 2010, it still makes the headlines all the time. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court held up another of its provisions, so it looks like the legislation isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Why should you care? Mostly because its goal of health care coverage for all Americans means that there are way MORE people accessing healthcare. And that means there’s more of a demand for healthcare workers. Many professionals, like medical assistants3, medical office professionals5, and specialists in billing and coding6, can expect above average job growth through 2022.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Mandate: Electronic medical records aren’t just a good idea. In most healthcare facilities, they’re now required. Providers that do not use them can even face financial penalties. As a patient, you want EMRs. They ensure the accuracy of your medical history and help prevent errors that could cause harm. And if you’ve ever thought about a career in medical billing and coding, now may be the perfect time! The mandate means hospitals and other healthcare providers need qualified employees who know all about EMRs. “Right now there is a dramatic shortage of skilled workers,” according to healthcare consultant Torrey Barnhouse.7

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