Seeing Her Way to a Great Career: Hailey Litzer

Hailey Litzer was having a crazy tough shift at the restaurant when one of her customers referred to her as “just a waitress.”

That was it! She’d had enough.

She went home, saw a commercial for Career Quest Learning Centers and enrolled that very day in the Medical Assistant Program in Jackson.

“I wanted a change so badly,” said Hailey, “and I didn’t want a better hourly-paying job. I wanted a career.”

Hailey says the program was challenging. But she paid attention in class, studied hard and started carrying flashcards with her wherever she went so she could review what she’d learned.

“It was hard, really hard,” said Hailey. “But it was worth it. I use everything I learned at Career Quest. There’s nothing I don’t utilize on a daily basis.”

Hailey works at the TLC Eyecare Retina Institute in Jackson as a Technical Team Leader. She started with TLC four years ago as an Ophthalmic Technician but has had many roles with the company since then. Today, she has a lot of responsibilities, from the technician tasks she performed early-on to managing the flow of the clinic and participating in clinical research with schools like Duke University and Johns Hopkins. She says she loves her job.

“The eye is such a miracle,” said Hailey. “I want everyone to be as excited about the eye as I am.”

One person who is equally as excited by the eye is Hailey’s role model and mentor, Laura Kilgore. When Laura brought Hailey in for her TLC job interview, she knew right away there was something special about her.

“She came in hungry, ready to work and willing to learn,” said Laura. “She’s fantastic.”

And Hailey feels like she’s following in Laura’s path.

Laura started with TLC 17 years ago as a technician and has risen to become the Director of Clinical Operations.

“If you’re willing to learn, you can do anything,” said Laura.

Laura notes that Hailey also came to TLC with a solid foundation of knowledge.

“The graduates coming out of Career Quest are qualified,” said Laura. And Laura says she’s excited that TLC has helped the school develop its curriculum for the new Ophthalmic Assistant Program. She says the “staff is amazing” and that she’s confident they’re building “a fantastic program to teach and guide the Ophthalmic Assistant to make them more employable.”

“We’re hoping to hire exclusively from Career Quest,” said Laura.

Hailey’s sure glad they hired her. She says she’s excited for whatever comes next. A single mom, Hailey says she wants “to lead by example” for her son. “My little boy is the reason I do everything,” said Hailey.

“I don’t know what the long term looks like,” said Hailey “but I know I’m on the right road now.”

If you want to change the road you’re on, check out the business, healthcare, information technology and legal studies programs available at Career Quest Learning Centers. Give us a call in Lansing at 877-481-4930 or Jackson at 877-365-8144.





"I want to know who I am in this world and what difference I can make.”


“I had achieved my goal even before school was done.”