How to Communicate Effectively in Business

Business Professionals with caption "How to Communicate Effectively in Business"If you want to find real success in business you need drive, determination, and the ability to communicate effectively.  While you may have been born with those first two attributes, communication skills can be learned, honed and perfected. Are you up for the challenge? Here are 7 ways you can begin to communicate more effectively in your business and everyday life. Wait until you see the results!

1.       Be authentic. It’s easier to communicate your ideas when you believe in what you’re saying. And when you believe, others will too. The truth is a powerful communication tool. Whether you’re speaking or writing, make certain that you are honest and accurate.

2.       Be brief. If time is money, then the more quickly you get your point across the better. Use concise language that provides detailed information, without clutter. If you’re preparing a proposal, make certain to thoroughly edit it before you present. And whether you’re speaking or writing, consider your audience; their time is precious, so don’t waste it.

3.       Write and speak well. When you write, make certain to use a professional tone, with good grammar and spelling. When you speak, be clear and concise and use a tone that fits the situation and the people you’re talking to.

4.       Plan ahead. Whether you’re conducting a meeting or sending an email, think before you speak or write. What are the points you most want to get across? What results are you hoping for? Prepare and practice what you’re going to say. Don’t just write an email and hit send.

5.       Set actions. If you offer up some great ideas, you also need a plan to make them happen. For example, if you’ve found a way to cut costs for your business by changing product vendors, you need to specify just how the switch is going to take place. Communicate a clear plan that details who owns what responsibilities. The better you communicate your plan, the better your results!

6.       Be confident. The most effective business leaders speak with authority and leadership. If you’re confident in your own abilities, and the skills of the people you work with, you’ll inspire others. Great leaders are people others can look up to. Does that sound like you?

7.       Listen. Communication is a two way street. You need to listen as well as you speak if you’re going to be an effective business leader.

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