How Externships Benefit Michigan Paralegals

Legal Professionals with caption "How Externships Benefit Michigan Paralegals"How do you know what kind of law you want to specialize in as a Michigan Paralegal unless you get out there and try one out? An externship lets you do that and more!

Test yourself: Externships allow you to step into an actual legal environment. You get to apply what you’ve learned from lectures, theories and classroom lessons to the real world. You’ll be able to use your training, enhance your knowledge and hone your skills.

Learn even more: The real benefit of your paralegal externship is that you can continue learning in an actual law office or legal setting. You'll see how legal professionals do their jobs every day. The law is always evolving and if you want to keep up, you have to have a philosophy of lifelong learning. Your externship is only the beginning, but it’s a great beginning.

Find your focus: Do you want to work in criminal law or corporate law? Maybe you’d rather help people figure out the legal language to purchase their first home by working in real estate law. There are so many different specialties you could focus on as a paralegal in Michigan including bankruptcy, business, contracts, entertainment, estate planning, family, finance, immigration, intellectual property, internet, labor, mergers and acquisition, personal injury, sports, and more. Which one is right for you?

Network: You’ll get to meet professionals on your externship who can serve as trusted mentors. They can also help connect you to other people in your field. Once you’ve met them in-person, be sure to find them on social media sites like LinkedIn so you can keep in touch, build your network and plan your future.

Find a job: Did you know that many paralegals find their very first job in their new career from their externships? They work hard, pay close attention and impress their bosses! Even if you don’t land a job offer from your externship, you’ll have made lots of connections. Isn’t there someone looking for a dedicated paralegal like you?

If you want to work in the legal field, becoming a paralegal or legal secretary is a great first step. Check out our legal programs in Lansing and Jackson at Career Quest Learning Centers. We can teach you the skills you need to become a valued member of a legal team. We’ll even help you find an externship so you can put all your newly found knowledge to use!



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