The 7 Michigan Rules of Ethical Business Conduct You Need to Know

Michigan Rules of Business Ethics

If you want to have a successful business career in Michigan, you need to behave honestly and ethically.  The State Ethics Act defines seven standards of ethical behavior for public employees that work for the State of Michigan.* From those good ideas, here are seven rules of ethics that can work for you!

1)      Don’t reveal private information about the people you work with. You probably know that if you’re a paralegal working for an attorney, you would NEVER reveal confidential information about clients. But it’s also important not to discuss information about the lawyers and office personnel you work with. What happens in the office, stays in the office.

2)      Don’t imply that your personal opinions represent those of your company’s. You are entitled to have your own thoughts and opinions, even if they do not agree with your boss or the mission of your company. But you should not represent those personal opinions as being the company line.

3)      Don’t use your company’s property, funds or resources for your own personal use or benefit. This is a no-brainer! Don’t steal from the people you work for in any way, shape or form.

4)      Do not ask for or accept gifts meant to influence the way you conduct your job. For example, if someone offers you money or gifts in hopes of gaining a contract with your company, do not accept them. It’s one thing to accept a small holiday gift that a prospective vendor is giving out to all its clients; it’s an entirely different situation if you’re getting special treatment because they expect something in return.

5)      Do not use inside information you have to benefit yourself financially. Have you ever heard of insider trading? That’s when people within a publically traded company buy or sell stock based on knowledge they obtain because they’re somehow connected to the company. It’s illegal in the stock market and in the State of Michigan. Follow the same rules so you don’t get in legal trouble that could cost you your job and more.

6)      Do not accept side jobs if they conflict with the company you work for unless you have your company’s permission. For example, if you work in computers, don’t take business from your company to do on your own, after work. It’s not fair and it could get you fired!

7)      Avoid conflicts of interest. Public employees cannot execute contracts, give out loans, or issue permits if they have any financial interest in the transaction. It’s designed to keep business and legal transactions fair. As a business employee, you want to be treated fairly, so you need to act fairly.

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