Helping Quest Students Find Success

Student Success at Career Quest Learning Centers

It’s not just about good grades, according to Student Success Coordinator, Stephanie Foster. Although she definitely likes to see students achieve academic success, she loves it even more when they are able to find success in life.

“My role is to essentially be a coach to them,” said Stephanie. “I help them when they hit a roadblock, help them overcome obstacles and show them that they can. We want to look at every student not as a number but as a person and we take that idea very seriously. When we see a student falling into the shadows, we try to pull them out.”

Over the years at Career Quest Learning Centers, Stephanie says she’s done everything from point students to the share-a-ride program on campus to help them find burial assistance for loved ones. She also connects students whose grades begin to slip with the tutoring services available to them on campus.

Student Services Coordinator, Mollie Woodworth, says that every student’s academic challenges are unique.

“We have a very diverse population here,” said Mollie, “and we have different conversations depending on the student. We’re not going to speak the same way to someone who’s 18 as we would with someone who is 65.”

Mollie says what she tries to emphasize with all her students, though, is the need to be proactive instead of reactive.

“Unfortunately, sometimes we do need to be reactive,” said Mollie and that’s when she’ll communicate with students, instructors and tutors to see how she can nudge students to reach their potential.

Stephanie says that the goal of the Student Success program is to help students become “the best version of themselves” that they can be.

“I want students to feel empowered,” said Stephanie.

Mollie says that she has seen students turn their lives 180 degrees in a positive direction.

“When they turn it around, it’s absolutely amazing,” said Mollie.

Stephanie agrees. “It’s amazing to see someone from the first day of school and then to watch this amazing transformation to this medical assistant professional or this IT professional.”

According to both women, as much as Career Quest wants its students to become successful professionals in their fields, they want even more for them to become well-rounded, team players and leaders.

“It’s not just about being a good student or getting good grades,” said Mollie. “We want them to be part of the community here and beyond and to become productive citizens in our society.”


“I tried community college and it was not for me; I was just overwhelmed. I learn better in small groups. At Career Quest, it was almost like a family. Everyone’s willing to help one another and the teachers are awesome. I’ll be sad to leave!” 


“The instructors at Career Quest are awesome,” she said. “I couldn’t have done this on my own. They really do set you up to succeed.”