Are these Administrative Assistant Careers for You?

Administrative Assistant Careers

Have you always dreamed of a career in business? Check out these administrative assistant  careers and see which one might help that dream come true.

Receptionist: As a receptionist, you could be front-of-the house for all kinds of businesses. You would greet people as they enter your place of business, answer their questions and direct them to the appropriate staff. You would be the face of the company –and its voice, as you answer calls and emails. You might also handle client information and correspondence and schedule and confirm appointments. Clerical work like filing, copying and inputting data might also be on your daily to-do list. Receptionists are found in all kinds of businesses from law offices and healthcare facilities to hotels and spas. That’s probably why they’re in such demand! The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts faster than average job growth for receptionists through 2024.1

Office Clerk: As an office clerk, you would perform a variety of tasks to keep your company’s office running as efficiently as possible. Or you might work at your local City or Town Hall, maintaining records, issuing notices and granting licenses and permits. Are you well-organized and a good multi-tasker? Office clerks often need to handle multiple tasks every day and spend a lot of time interacting with staff and customers. You need to communicate well, orally and verbally, and have a great attitude.

Executive Assistant: Your boss will depend on you for almost everything if you become an executive secretary or assistant. In addition to the tasks of a clerk and a receptionist, you’ll provide high-level support to your boss and all those who work for him. You’ll be in charge of maintaining his calendar, and be the gatekeeper of who gets to see him and who doesn’t. You may also assist with training, event planning and more!

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