What are Employers Really Looking For in Job Candidates?

What Employers Look For

Do you have what employers are really looking for? It’s not field-specific career training or broad-based knowledge they want. Some 60 percent of employers expect you to have both! Here are the other important qualities you’ll need to a land a job in your new career.

Ability to apply knowledge:

Your future employer wants to see that you can actually use all that knowledge you’ve attained in school and life. When you encounter a new challenge, do you meet it head on with a can-do attitude? That’s awesome! And that combination of knowledge, ability and confidence is exactly what employers are looking for.

Excellent written and oral communication:

Whether you’re working in business, healthcare or Information Technology, your ability to get your point across is vital. If you expect to build a career in business, you need to write well –from emails to reports to PowerPoint slides. You’ll also need great presentation skills. And if you work in healthcare, your patients will depend on you to communicate what they need to do to get well. Remember, though, excellent communication skills require you to listen as well as you speak.


Employers want valuable team players who offer positive contributions to the whole company. You’ll need to be respectful of others and their ideas, contribute quality ideas of your own, work well collaboratively, and get your assignments done in a professional and timely manner. And when you’re done with your own work, pitch in and help others on the team!

Ethical decision making:

More than anything else, employers want to know that you’re a good person they can trust. Everything you do as their employee is a reflection on them, their company and the people they serve. Are you going to be someone they’d be proud to have as an employee?

Whether you’re ready to start a new career or advance in the one you already have, you’ll need solid skills and the traits employers really look for. At Career Quest Learning Centers, we can help you get both. Give us a call in Jackson at 877-365-8144 or Lansing at 877-481-4930 to get started now.

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