The Best Reason for a New Career: Your Family

New Year New Career

You don’t love your job but you do love your family. So maybe this is the year you choose a new career and make a better life for you and your family. Follow these 5 steps to a new career in the New Year that could change both your lives:

1)      Decide on the kinds of careers that might be right for you. Check out career assessment tools like the Myers-Briggs personality1 test or the O*Net Interest Profiler.2 Consider your strengths and passions and the kind of work environment you might thrive in. Think about the kind of company you’d want to work for.

2)      Research those companies and those careers. Talk to people who are already doing the jobs you’re considering. Find out just what they do and what they like about their careers. Do they work in healthcare? Or are they building their careers in business? Check out their companies and ask yourself: Could I work here?

3)      Pursue career training. Once you decide on your career path, you’ll need to learn how to perform the job. Choose an accredited career training program that will teach you the skills you’ll need to perform the tasks of your new job.

4)      Dedicate yourself to success. Finding and enrolling in a program with great teachers are only the first steps to your new career. You need to set realistic goals and make an actual plan to get to class, learn the material and do the assignments. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! At school, your instructors are a good place to start, but also check out the school’s tutoring services. And at home, ask that family you’re working so hard for to pitch in with chores. After all, your success could be their success too!

5)      Start looking for a job in your new career right now. It’s never too early to check out job postings, make connections, polish your resume and prepare for job interviews. Consider what employers are really looking for in new employees and make certain that what they want is what you have!

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