What to Look For in Information Technology Programs

Michigan IT Programs

You’ve always been pretty good with computers and have never felt scared of technology. It makes sense to you. But have you ever considered taking that natural ability and turning it into a career? Choose the right Information Technology Program and you could set yourself up for a rewarding career you’ll love. Here’s what to look for:

Licensed and Accredited: Make certain that the school you attend is licensed and accredited. Career Quest Learning Centers are licensed by the State of Michigan and accredited through the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE). The COE is a national accrediting agency that assures quality and integrity in career and technical education. Schools seeking accreditation must adhere to standards and guidelines of the governing board and undergo an evaluation from a COE accreditation team. Once accredited, they must renew their accreditation annually and submit to reaffirmation every two to six years.

Curriculum: You’ll want a program that will teach you the technical and business skills you’ll need to succeed in today’s workforce. An introduction to basic computers will give you the foundation to go further into specific computer operating systems and programs. You’ll want to learn about such important computer networks, systems and programs as Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, Security +, Comp TIA A+ and Comp TIA Network +. You’ll also want to learn how to apply your skills in a real-world setting with people who need your expertise.

Student Support: It’s not just what is taught in your IT program, but also how it’s taught, that will help you succeed. Is the program you’re considering hands-on? Will you get instruction and demonstrations and then the opportunity to try things out for yourself? And what about your instructors? Are they professionals from the field who know their stuff and you? Are they willing to provide one-on-one instruction? The best programs give you the tools to find success in—and out of—the classroom.

Career Services: Once you have the knowledge, you have to market yourself. Quality IT programs show you how to produce a portfolio that will highlight your skills and strengths. They’ll also teach you about the job search and give you opportunities to participate in mock interviews so you’re really prepared when the real thing comes along.

If you’re looking for an IT program that will help you enter the world of Information Technology, check out our Associate of Applied Science Degree in Network Administration or our Network Administration certification program that you can complete in as little as 8 months. Give us a call in Lansing at 877-481-4930 or Jackson at 877-365-8144 to get started today!



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