5 Office Administrator Jobs You Can Train for Today

Office Admin Jobs

Have you ever considered office administrator jobs as a pathway to your success? You need great organizational skills, fine attention to detail and career training on the most current office technologies. If you have those skills, you also have lots of career options. Here are just a few:

Office Temp

Office temps work for staffing agencies that place them in businesses as they are needed.  You might like the flexibility of temp work since you get to decide when you work. You’ll also have the chance to work for many different companies so you can check out a variety of industries while you hone your skills. Another perk to temping is that if you make a really good impression on your bosses, they may offer to turn that temp job into something more permanent.


As a receptionist, you’d be the face—and often the voice—of your company. You’d probably be strategically positioned at the entryway to your company, greeting people as they enter and directing them to their appointments or personnel who can provide them service. You’d answer phones, take messages, schedule appointments and maintain calendars. Michigan is among the top ten employers of receptionists in the country.1


Are you good with numbers and extremely accurate? As a bookkeeper, your company would depend upon you to always get the numbers right! Using bookkeeping software and electronic spreadsheets and databases, you’d record financial transactions. You might invoice customers, pay vendors and accept payments. You also might produce reports like income statements and balance sheets for financial professionals in the company.

Accounting Clerk

As an accounting clerk, you’d perform some of the same tasks as a bookkeeper but you’d be more likely to specialize in one area. You might be the payroll expert or purchasing clerk. Other areas you could focus on include accounts payable/receivable and billing. And you’d answer to the company accountants and financial officers.

Executive Assistant

If you want to be an indispensable member of a business team, choose a career as an executive assistant. You’d be the gatekeeper to the boss , making certain that only the people he or she really needs to see get through. You’d also prioritize tasks, schedule appointments, handle correspondence and keep the whole office well-organized and running smoothly.

If you’d like a career in business, there are plenty of office administrator jobs for you to consider. Start out on your career path with training at Career Quest Learning Centers. You can complete our Administrative Assistant program in as little as 8 months or attain your Associate Degree in Business Administration in 14 months. Give us a call in Jackson at 877-365-8144 or in Lansing at 877-481-4930 to learn more now.


1 http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes434171.htm


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